It's been an absolute pleasure working with you at SmugMug- thank you for all your help and support over the past year. The service that we have received from Fit-tech has been top notch and I know the gym is in good hands!
What Others Say
Vanessa HatakeyamaAdministrative Manager
Hi, I am very satisfied and believe all recall service was performed. As I have been so impressed with your company..i have mentioned to a few friends that you were standing behind a recall since 2003.. And they all seem very impressed with your company. Excellent service!!! The people who came were polite, helpful and efficient..and came right on time. Thank you, I can use my treadmill again!!!
What Others Say
Manager - Forge Homestead Apartments Good Afternoon! I wanted to reach out to you and let you know i was very impressed with the service guy who came out today Mike Walker. Mike Walker took it upon himself today to inspect the machine very thoroughly and discover several pins stuck at the very bottom of the machine in the track that was causing all these problems all this time! He also check some of the other equipment noticing that another machine needed a belt. This was above and beyond what was expected of him and we are so so THANKFUL! I wanted to pass this along to you in hopes that Mike can be recognized for his outstanding customer service and all around great job!!
What Others Say
Neda Aslanpour
On a side note, I just wanted to let you know that the technicians who come out are always super friendly, professional, and thorough. We appreciate it so much.
What Others Say
Kelley FeinProperty Manager | One Pearl Place Apartments
I have a Cybex Arc that I love and was having a small technical problem with it. I called Cybex International and was given the names of two repair technicians in my area. The first one I called couldn't fit me in for over a week. Fit-Tech, on the other hand, could service my Arc the same day that I called. They accommodated my schedule, the technician arrived on time (early in fact) and my machine was repaired in less than 20 minutes. The overall experience was so positive--so much so that I took a few minutes to call their headquarters to let them know how amazing their customer service is! I highly recommend Fit-Tech and kudos to the rest of the team!
What Others Say
Carla Labat
The replacement arrived yesterday afternoon. It looks great and seems to function well. I would like to thank you and your very fine staff for all the help and support you gave this matter. This is why we will always continue to do business with you. Thanks a ton!
What Others Say
Ed MountParkpoint Health Club Sonoma
We really like Shawn. He is pretty awesome! He gets the job done.
What Others Say
BruceFlex Fitness
Just wanted to pass along Kudos to you for Kenny. Great fellow, nice, courteous, and knowledgeable, although he hadn't seen the combination of LifeFitness model and console (a Track Connect) before. As a retired engineer I quite enjoyed working with Kenny. We also had a nice technical discussion regarding the Life Fitness equipment. So thanks again! and I await Kenny's return.
What Others Say
Bill Finkelstein
Hello, I just wanted to pass along that I'm so happy that the two techs that came by yesterday were able to successfully fix my recumbent AFG 2.0 AR bike yesterday. Kudos! You guys rock!I'm very relieved the bike is finally fixed and we now have a qualified and reliable service company, Fit-Tech to do future business that actually delivers true customer service and provides qualified technicians.
What Others Say
Shelley~ A very happy new Fit-Tech customer
Great work at Skycrest Community – appreciated!
What Others Say
Rob PaglieriCulligan Management Company, Inc.
Thank you Mike, you’ve always provided us great service as long as I’ve been working here.
What Others Say
Nancy Lundy - EsExercise Specialist Cardiac Rehabilitation, Marin General Hospital
Thank you for all the help, Mike! Having our treadmills serviced and buying 2 from you, our girls trimmed down in weight and were very successful this season. From a 7-3 season last year, we became league champions 10-0, 1st place in the South County tournament, 1st place in the Salinas Unified School District tournament & 3rd on the North High tournament. You, fit -tech and staff was part of our success. Thank you again for all the help, Mike.
What Others Say
Steve SaucedoCoach - El Sausal Middle School

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