Whether your in the process of designing a new fitness facility or just looking to add a few equipment pieces, take your fitness facility to the next level for a truly unique addition of custom logo embroidery and design. When purchasing Cybex equipment pieces, we can work with you to create a custom design for your equipment.

Take a look at our customer and their new fitness facility with custom company logo embroidery and design:

Jabil Circuit Inc.

San Jose, CA


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At IHRSA 2015, Cybex premiered five new videos, showcasing new products and reaffirming our position as an industry leader. We are excited to share these videos with you, and look forward to continuing an amazing year.

Cybex Treadmills

Learn what makes a Cybex treadmill different: thoughtful engineering that provides truly meaningful solutions for your needs.

SPARC Trainer

Designed to be the most effective cardio experience, allowing for interval and circuit training to best maximize any workout experience.

Cybex Care Asset Management

A web-based asset management system for gyms and fitness facilities.

Service Wheel

Quickly rotate, relocate, maintain, and clean your treadmills with ease.

What We Believe

Cybex has a passion for pe...

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